Dry Carpet and Sofa Cleaning

Have you been delaying getting your carpets or sofas cleaned because you don’t want to paddle around your home waiting for everything to dry? Well delay no more! Dry carpet cleaning is here! This unique system cleans your carpets and couches with no need for any drying time.

HOST system can be used both to clean heavily soiled carpets and to maintain the condition of your carpet in heavy traffic areas. HOST is also suitable for cleaning delicate rugs and is safe for use with all carpet dyes.

How does it work?

HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning is an environmentally responsible, natural, soft product. It works in a similar way to an ordinary kitchen sponge. Just as you would use a kitchen sponge to mop up spills and collect and absorb dirt from a worktop, HOST cleaning system uses tiny sponges to wash and absorb dirt and stains from your carpet.

sofa and carpet dry cleaningHOST carries the liquid ingredients in a controlled way deep into the fibres of your carpet. The brushes in the machine rotate into your carpet working the sponges deep into the pile where they can start to absorb dirt.

The sponges are moistened with water and a blend of environmentally friendly ingredients. Chemical and mechanical action then loosens both oil and water based dirt from the carpet or upholstery and the sponges absorb it. There is no sticky residue left behind, and any traces of the cleaning agent left behind are simply vacuumed up!

All products used are mild and safe for use around children and pets.

A great side effect of this system is that it works right down into your carpet restoring its softness and reviving the pile.

The HOST system can be used both to clean heavily soiled carpets and to maintain the condition of your carpet in heavy traffic areas.

HOST is extremely effective at removing spots and stains from carpets too. When spots are cleaned with liquid in an uncontrolled way, gravity drags the soil and stain down to the base of the carpet.

During the drying process the wet stain will gravitate back up to the surface and eventually reappear. Because HOST only uses minimal moisture this means the cleaning is targeted and as soon as the sponges soak up the stain they are brought straight to the surface and out of the carpet for good.

Is HOST safe?

The products are totally safe to use. It will not cause eye or skin irritation and it is non-toxic by inhalation or oral ingestion. HOST will not damage your carpets as the sponges used are in no way abrasive or harsh.

How often should I get my carpets cleaned?

We recommend you get your house carpets cleaned about every 6 months. This will keep them fresh and well maintained. In commercial buildings carpets will often need cleaning in high traffic areas more often.