Gutter and Fascia Board Cleaning

facia board cleaning before and afterGutters are an important part of the structure of your house. They are designed to carry rain from your roof directly to your drains. If this function, simple though it is, is interrupted by debris, the structural integrity of your house can be compromised. Roof leaks can develop and over time lead to serious problems. The resulting damp caused by leaks can even cause health problems for you and your family.

It is easy to forget to check your gutters regularly as most of us have an “out of sight, out of mind”
mentality. Regular checks however can save you a multitude of problems!

How do your gutters become blocked in the first place?

Many different things can cause blockages in your gutters. Often bad weather can dislodge debris, including moss and leaves from your roof and wash them into the gutters. Its also a common sight to see plants growing in gutters! Seeds can be introduced by birds and take root. We have even had to remove small sapling trees on occasion! Sometimes simple wear and tear can affect the ability of your gutters and downpipes to do their job.

How to tell if your gutters need attention

A simple way to check your gutters is to take a look during heavy rain. If there is any sign of overflow, or water running down the walls then you have a problem! A visual check can help too. If your gutters are sagging or the downpipe feels loose, again, get it checked!

When should you get your gutters cleaned?

gutter cleaning before and afterWe highly recommend you get your gutters cleaned every year at the very least. The beginning of winter is a good time to have it done, to get rid of any autumn leaves, and before the bad weather really kicks in! A quick check in spring is a good idea too, to remove any debris from the winter, and discourage the birds from using it to build a nest! Getting your fascia boards cleaned in Spring will give your house that Springtime Sparkle!

What about your fascia boards?

Create a good impression of your home by keeping your uPVC clean! We take pride in making your home look as good as it possibly can! If you regularly have your fascia boards cleaned your home will look cared for and have great kerb appeal! Again, if you regularly take advantage of this service, we will apply a discount after the first clean!

We are here to help!

We provide a professional gutter cleaning service you can depend on. We will come to give you a quote and then come and clean your gutters when arranged. Most people choose to have their fascia boards cleaned at the same time, and often their windows too, as gutter clearing can be a little messy! Any small repairs can be carried out at the same time. We offer a discount after the first clean if you get your gutters cleaned regularly.